Artist Research Methodology
2022 - Ongoing

Soft Radicle is an artist research collaboration with Perla Ramos (Mexico).

To be soft is to be fluid, vulnerable and open to the feelings / situations of others, a radicle is the first stage of germinating seed. Together Soft Radicle is a collaborative approach to art making that allows space for dialogue and exchange that is safe, warm and promoting of growth.

We work across the binary of coloniser/ colonised to explore the role that art can play in decolonising ecological activism. We do this through a creative research methodology of walking, mapping, sharing, healing, ritual making and site-specific installation. We view relationship building as the foundation of our artistic endeavour.

Collaborative Works :

Forthcoming : Exhibition at Pateo Trasero, Mexico City : July 2024

Article : ‘Walking Through Time’, published in SLUICE magazine, Spring / Summer 2024.

Forthcoming :  ‘Do It With Thy Might’ parallel walk, Colchester, UK, SLUICE, Vernacular, June 2024.

On Not Knowing, How Artists Teach, Glasgow School of Art & The University of The Arts Helsinki : June 2023

Field Trip Publication for the Hinterlands exhibition, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art : October 2022 - April 2023

Soft Radicle, Parque Del Arte Sullivan, Mexico City : September 2022 - November 2022