Rogue Artist Studios, Manchester, UK
December 2023 - January 2024

Spark is a group of North-West UK artists who want to intervene in the trajectory towards climate change.

As part of the exhibition and programme convened in winter 23/24, I hosted a walk to consider artistic labour in ecological activism.

Together we walked from Rogue Artist Studios to the neighbouring Debdale Park, exploring our environment via a series of creative Shinrin Yoku activities.

We walked slowly, listened thoughtfully, observed carefully and spent time getting to know our more-than-human friends. 

Finally, we enjoyed the old English tradition of Wassail, thanking our companions with a small drop of tea (foraged from the ancient Bollin Bank woodland during The Future Of Listening project).

“Trees invite us to stand still a while, to soak up their company and share a little of their embedded wisdom and intelligence. By observing their flowers and fruit, the way they grow, their habits and habitat preferences, we absorb and internalise their core characteristics. We also experience them at a subtle, emotional or vibrational level and where our observations and subliminal experiences meet, a personality emerges. This becomes our guide to a deeper understanding of the trees and what they have to teach us.”
Glenie Kindred, Walking With Trees.

The gathering was an opportunity to connect with the more-than-human on a deeper level, a chance for pause, restoration and reciprocity in our ongoing work.

Thanks to Artist, Jenny Steele for the invitation & curators John Paul Brown and Sophy King.