September 2022 - ongoing

Rest : (Is Ecological) is a body of research growing like a mycelium network, with fruiting bodies in various artistic works. The project explores how rest can be a tool for ecological activism, drawing into question; degrowth agendas, contemporary production and consumerism, the attention economy, (post) nature, post-capitalism and inter-species relationships. 

In each encounter the work seeks to collectively gather and actively employ tools for rest, as a collaborative survival strategy for both humans and more-than-humans alike.

Events :

Forthcoming : Rest (Is Ecological), Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge UK, August 2024

Rest Sessions, a series of restful workshops for the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, April - August 2024 COME ALONG!

Resonating Stages : Live performance and restful space for the Resonating Stages Symposium, Liverpool Hope University, UK : March 2024

Rest (Is Ecological) : Monthly reading group curated and hosted at We Are At The Library, Crosby Library, UK : October 2023 - ongoing

Reading List : How To Do Nothing, Resisting The Attention Economy, Jenny Odell / Wintering, Katherine May / Consumed, Aja Barber / Ways of Being, James Bridell / The Mushroom At The End of The World, Anna Tsing / Your Silence Will Not Protect You, Audre Lorde / The Origins of The English Working Class, Friedrich Engels / Less Is More (How Degrowth Will Save The World), Jason Hickel.

Rest (Is A Political Act) : Artist Talk & Shinrin Yoku workshop with SICK! Festival, Manchester, UK : April 2023

Rest (Is A Political Act) : Artist Talk & workshop for the launch of The Research Centre For Arts and Wellbeing, Edgehill University, UK : June 2023

Rest (Is A Political Act) : Online workshop for Metal Liverpool, UK (part of the Future Stations programme for the care of artists) : February 2023

Rest (Is A Political Act) : Workshop in the garden of Camden Art Centre, London, UK. September 2022.