PAPER Gallery, UK
2017 - 2018

During 2017 - 2018 I was part of the Tracing Paper mentoring scheme. I took this as an opportunity to experiment with new ways of making - creating this series of photocopy assemblages. Using photocopying as a method for making was a process of democratising art-making - I have always been interested in how we can use every-day equipment and materials to make. It was a nostaligic process, taking me back to summer holidays spent in my mum’s office and the first days of work, where I was paid minimum wage to spend weeks at a photocopying machine. Escaping this monotony formed part of my drive to experience the world differently and become an artist.

In making these works, I was considering connections and communication within digital spaces - this was a logical leap from the in-person spaces I had been navigating previously. At this moment, there was a particular current of toxicity, especially between generations - my day job was working in a young person’s mental health service, and I was using this process to consider how we could take more care in our exchanges - how can art open up, rather than close down discussions?

Taking their titles from slang born of social media and a digital age, the imagery chosen provides provocations to the viewer - can we do better?

The work was included in an exhibition at PAPER gallery, July - August 2018.