Gallery II, University of Bradford, UK

Full Scale was a residency and exhibition in Gallery ll, University of Bradford. As a member of Islington Mill Art Academy (IMAA), I led the collaborative process of exploring the Arte Util Archive in the context of Bradford’s predominently D.I.Y art scene. 

Each participating member of the IMAA was encouraged to explore the archive to discover reseach methods and ways of making that we could apply in our host city. Over the course of two weeks, we met daily to host workshops, discussions and exchanges - populating the gallery walls as we went.

The documentation of the residency was then shown in the exhibition Full Scale, held in Gallery II, University of Bradford: September - December 2017.


Exhibition text below:

Full Scale: Art’s Use in the Real World // IMAA @ Bradford University

Curated by Andy Abbott

Friday 22nd Sept – Friday 8th Dec at Gallery II, Chesham Building, University of Bradford

** Launch Event Thursday 21 st Sept 5 – 7pm **

This exhibition draws together creative practices that aim to affect change at different scales; from the local to the global, the individual to the environmental, the representational to the social, economic and political. Case studies and examples of historical projects are displayed alongside live, ongoing activities happening in the here and now.

With contributions from:

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Arte Util Archive

Chto Delat

Islington Mill Art Academy


Wur Bradford

Together, the work on display opens discussion about art as a tool for social change, the relationship between artists and audiences, and art’s place in a rapidly changing world. What is gained from exhibiting such projects together in a gallery as art?  How might they be applied, activated or used otherwise?
What would you like to see fixed or improved, and how could art help you to do that? As well as an exhibition space the gallery will be a space in which to collectively address such questions with a parallel programme of events, workshops and talks .