The Turnpike, UK
2020 - 2021

Drift is part of ACTIVATIONS, a testing ground at The Turnpike that explores the ways that art can make long-lasting positive change.

I was awarded a research and development grant in early 2020 to research the possibilities of walking as an artistic practice. I initiated an investigative project with six members of the public.

Drawing upon principles of placemaking and  psychogeogaphy, we tested the collaborative and creative walking methods through a series of conversations and workshops.


Emergent ideas included walking to maintain wellbeing, communities formed through walking (such as dog walking), sharing memories and heritage (as a navigating tool, emotional attachment, nostalgia and hope) and new ways of looking (what do we learn through the perspectives of others?).

Between October 2020 - March 2021, the project continued online, with a monthly study group - we inspired and motivated each other by sharing things to read, watch and listen to, as well as nourishing conversation and mutual support during the second and third UK lockdowns. During this time we incubated our ideas until in-person meetings could begin in Spring 2021.

Between May 2021 - July 2021 I hosted over 30 walking workshops with over 80 members of the local community. And together we co-created the route and content of three art walks which were presented in the Wigan Arts Festival, August 2021. 

Walk 1 : Creative Walking : (Turnpike to Pennington Flash Loop) bringing fresh perspectives and a sensory approach to walking.

Walk 2 : Socially Engaged Exploration : (Turnpike to Bridgewater Canal Loop) to discuss current social issues afftecting Leigh, such as safety in public spaces, threat to green spaces and gentrification.

Walk 3 :Post-industrial Futures : (Turnpike to Bickershaw Loop) linking the mining heritage to current re-wilding efforts being made by volunteers looking after Bickershaw Country Park. Whilst sharing conversation prompts such as : the role of workers unions, how do we create community? and civic responsibility vs grass roots activity.




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